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Keep Dancing All Night Long

Andre SaxMan Brown has played at some of the most incredible parties around the world, and rightly so. From rooftop clubs and tropical beaches to stately homes and grand hotels, you can feel his heart and soul in every performance.

Considered one of the very best sax players, he regularly travels with Entourage. This is his team of roaming musicians and singers, creating larger interactive musical experiences.

Heart and Soul

Having played the Saxophone now for 22 years, he cannot imagine doing anything else. And neither can we! Andre started off playing recorder when he was just 3 years old. Then one day, he heard ‘Dinner Jazz with Helen Mayhew’ on Jazz FM and fell in love with the soulful, lyrical sound of the saxophone. At 10 years old, after years of begging his parents, he finally got his first saxophone and never looked back.

Andre SaxMan Brown’s sound is rooted in funk and soul and works perfectly alongside a DJ. As a result, he sure knows how to keep you on your feet! Playing everything from Dance Classics to Hip-Hop and House. You’ll be sure to recognise them all. He is also a talented vocalist and enjoys singing jazz classics and Motown. ‘Give me anything with a great melody and a sweet groove and I’m happy! I’m not really restricted to any particular genre with the sax. I just love having a great time jamming in the middle of the dance floor.’

Over the years, Andre has performed on stage with many artists. Most noteworthy including Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Basement Jaxx, The Gipsy Kings, Jennifer Hudson, Janelle Monae, Kim Burrell, Beverley Knight and finally, Neil Diamond.

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